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Welcome to our handpicked collection of items that we like and recommend.  Taking care of your land and your animals probably means you’ve had to spend more time than you wanted looking for what you need and what works best.  These are things that we’ve selected (after way too much time browsing online) through our own experiences and purchases on  By browsing through this section, you’ll find products we genuinely enjoy and find value in.


Please note that this section contains Amazon affiliate links, which means that when you make a purchase through one of these links, we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.  To support us you don’t even need to buy the exact item we recommend, just clicking through from our website and doing your amazon shopping within 24 hours does the trick.  This commission helps support our homestead and allows us to continue sharing our journey with you.


Undoubtedly, you’ll see us using these things on our Instagram and in our blog, and perhaps they’ll be of use to you too.  It’s hard to find good stuff sometimes – especially way out in the boonies.  That’s why we’re always sharing what we’ve found.  Big thanks to the amazon driver who is here an awful lot!  Have a look and see what you think.

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From Our Homestead

In our first year, we have been incredibly fortunate to produce a variety of things. We are overjoyed to be able to grow nourishing food and establish connections with fellow members of our community.  We’re really excited about growing that countryside economy — bringing people to the country to connect to the land, find good food, and see beautiful things.

Light Sussex Chick Chamcook Schoolhouse

Light Sussex Chicks

Light Sussex chicks available upon request and availability.

Please email and request how many chicks you would like to purchase and we can arrange a pick up date after they’ve hatched.  You’ll just need to have your chick feed and water ready and a brooder set up at home.

Light Sussex Chicks (1-3 weeks, unsexed) are $15 each.

For pickup only, no shipping, or delivery.

Read more about the Light Sussex Breed here.


Light Sussex Hatching Eggs Chamcook Schoolhouse

Light Sussex Hatching Eggs

Would you like to hatch your own eggs?  We have heritage breed Light Sussex hatching eggs available upon request.  We’ve had a good hatch rate with our own eggs and I know it makes a difference in their success when you can pick them up yourself.

Please email and request how many eggs you would like to purchase and we can arrange a pick up date.

Light Sussex Hatching Eggs are $6 each.

For pickup only, no shipping, or delivery.

Read more about the Light Sussex Breed here.


Thank you!

Your support means so much!  Homesteading is a lot trickier than instagram let’s on!  We’re very thankful for this experience and hope that we get better and better at making this place fruitful and fun.

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