We’d love to have you by to visit our homestead and see our animals.

We have Nigerian Dwarf Goats, Berkshire Pigs and in the summer months some of our Light Sussex Chickens will be there too!

1 Hour Time Slot:

We’re offering 1 hour time slots for a family or small group of up to 7 people to come see the animals and even take the Nigerian Dwarf Goats for a walk in the woods.  Select a date and time on the calendar below.



One hour time slots are $40 cash and can be paid on arrival.  This is weather permitting because no one wants to go out if it isn’t nice outside.  Especially the goats.  The pigs could care less, they love ALL the weather.  However, they will understand and so we can totally reschedule for another day.



Wear boots if it’s muddy or your least favourite shoes just to be sure that if you hit a wet spot or mud in the woods or stream or path that you won’t mind.  Like, don’t wear your brand new white shoes unless you want to christen them on our homestead. 😉

Please see our FAQ page to read about Walking the Goats and Animal Etiquette.

One hour slots are a perfect add on to your birthday party or get together, a family outing, your book club, small group or your best friends looking for something fun to do.  You can even come and do photoshoots with them and stock up on your cute pictures to share with the world.  Might be great for those family photos to put on your Christmas card this year!  If so, bring your Santa hats 😉

* The goats won’t walk in the snow but they would come outside for photos and a brush and to eat cedar leaves.

No pets.  Actually this isn’t a suggestion.  It’s best that you don’t bring your pet along to the homestead and treat yourself with full attention on the new animals that are here.  Your pet will be fully entertained when you arrive home again with all kinds of new smells as he tries to figure out where you were!


The Animals:

Nigerian Dwarf Goats: currently 4 Does and 2 Bucks

Berkshire Pigs: 3 adults and piglets.  We post about them on our Instagram a lot!

Light Sussex Chickens: available in the Summer months in a cute coop behind the Schoolhouse.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for photos and names of the animals.  Well, the chickens used to have names but now that they’ve grown up we can barely tell them apart anymore.  We got our first chicks in Quebec, February 2022, and we named them Fanny, Brigitta and Mr. Bingley.  Now our flock has grown so much we have no idea but we love them each so much!

If you’d like updates on the animals (births, daily happenings, cuteness…) follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.


Any Questions?

Please email us.  We’d love to hear from you!


Let’s Book!

You can choose a date and time with the Calendar below.  We’ll all receive an email confirmation.  See you soon!


Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Rosalind and Buttercup Nigerian Dwarf Goat Chamcook Schoolhouse

Rosalind and Buttercup (Does)

Huckleberry Chamcook Schoolhouse Nigerian Dwarf Goat.png

Huckleberry (Buck)

Dulcinea Nigerian Dwarf Goat Chamcook Schoolhouse

Dulcinea (Doe)

Benedick Chamcook Schoolhouse Nigerian Dwarf Goat

Benedick (Buck)

Beatrice Nigerian Dwarf Goat Chamcook Schoolhouse

Beatrice (Doe)

Our Berkshire Pigs

Chamcook Schoolhouse Berkshire pig

Chamcook Schoolhouse Berkshire pig

So many piglets!

Growing every day. Follow on Instagram to keep up!

Chamcook Schoolhouse 3 little pigs Berkshires

Fred, Ethel, & Lucy

Our Light Sussex Chickens

Exploring Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals
Fanny Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals
Curious Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals
Romp Around the Garden Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals