Visit Our Homestead in Saint Andrews

Overnight Special

A guided farm tour with complementary overnight stay!


Brush the goats, see the pigs, hold a chicken and explore the property all the way to the Bay.  Not only do you see the animals but we’ll answer all your questions and can chat about the values of raising your own food, our ever adventurous experiences homesteading and about networking and connecting from farm to table.

Contact us to inquire!

Book your homestead tour for a free night today!  Book up to 7 tours in a row maximum.   Check in 4pm, Check out 11am.

Day Rate

Use the Schoolhouse and property for the day.


Chamcook Schoolhouse is the perfect location for your photoshoot, your instagram account, or your family photo session.  With all of the natural light available inside and all the animals, the bay, and nature outside you are sure to get the perfect shot.

Day rates are also perfect for meetings and workshops.



Reserve your booking with a 50% deposit, refundable up to 14 days before your reservation.

See our FAQ page for animal etiquette and house rules.  Sleeps 6.

We’re looking forward to showing you around and getting to know you!

Short visit?

Just looking for a quick trip to see the animals?  You can visit our homestead in Saint Andrews for an hour to see the animals!
Book a small group one hour session to see our pigs, chickens, and Nigerian Dwarf goats.  You don’t need to book for the day or for an overnight stay to take part.  It’s great for birthday parties, homeschool groups, friends, family, or to bring the Grandkids while everyone else is shopping in town.


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Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick chicken

See the Animals

Right now we offer private booking times for families or small groups to come see the animals, walk the goats.  Wouldn’t that be a fun addition to a birthday party or to take the kids while you’re on vacation?

Fanny Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals

New Arrivals

Things are changing and growing and appearing and disappearing in our shop.  Have a look and see what’s up.

Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick cooking with friends

Book a Stay

Day rates, stays, and tours available!  Email us for reservations, requests and deals to be had.  To always be informed sign up for our newsletter below.