UltraCruz Goat Copper Bolus

It’s worth reading up on your goats!  That way we were able to spot a copper deficiency in our Nigerian Dwarf goats early on and know what to do.  We thought goats would be easy… turns out they are sort of tricky!  Minerals are very important and a copper deficiency can be a common problem with goats and as it turns out a bit more common in the Maritimes.  Make sure you learn about this copper bolus and about copper deficiency so that you can use this copper bolus properly and only if you need to.  Deborah Niemann.  Read her blog, take her courses and read her books.  Her Copper Deficiency course by The Thrifty Homesteader has been invaluable to us … and our goats!

  • Convenient, long lasting, and slow-release bolus that can be used in copper deficient adult goats to maintain healthy growth and fertility
  • A single dose maintains consistent copper levels for 8 months to 1 year
  • Do not administer to animals under 3 months of age, or weighing less than 50 lbs
  • Excellent source of slow-release chopper for goats deficient in this essential trace mineral
  • Supplied as 25 boluses (each bolus is 4 grams)

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