Grass Pellets for Goats

This is a bag of the Timothy Grass pellets that we add to our Nigerians Dwarf goat’s diet if I feel that their hay isn’t green enough.  The link goes to TSC Orchard Grass pellets which we have also used.  We switch between orchard grass and timothy grass pellets for our goats.  They like both!

You don’t want to add too much to their diet because you do want them to eat hay so that they are still chewing their cud and ruminating properly.  However, grass pellets are a great addition to their diet from time to time — especially when you can’t find good green coloured hay.  More on what we’re feeding our goats currently, here and all about hay for goats right here.

Grass pellets for goats.  Naturally Sun-Cured Premium Western Orchard Grass Forage.

Standlee Premium Western Forage Orchard Grass Pellets are made from high-quality sun-cured forage formed into 1/4 inch pellets that are easy to measure and easy to feed. Standlee Orchard Hay is highly palatable and moderate in protein and calorie friendly. Available in 40 lb. bags.

  • 8% Protein - Ideal for horses that require a moderate protein diet, such as those in light to moderate work or those on a maintenance diet
  • Calorie Friendly - Lower calories than alfalfa or mixed forages
  • Balanced Nutrients - Suitable for horses of all ages and stages of life, providing optimal nutrition and support for their unique needs
  • Minimal waste - can be accurately weighed and measured
  • Minimal Dust - May reduce the risk of respiratory issues associated with dusty hay
  • Soak for Hydration -Increased hydration helps support optimal digestive function in horses, reducing the risk of digestive disorders such as impaction or colic
  • Sun-cured -retains maximum nutritional value and freshness, ensuring optimal health benefits for your horse
  • Made in USA - Made in Idaho with care with the highest-quality forage in the USA

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