Chicken Saddle Hen Apron

I’ve always wanted these!  I didn’t know when I’d need them but one day when your chickens have lost a lot of feathers or have a wound on their back – you know!  You can find patterns for these on blogs all over the place but when you’re homesteading and have kids, who has time to sew?  Ok, you probably do have time to sew because there are a bunch of amazing moms and daughters that make time but I don’t actually want to sew. 😉  These will do it and I was really happy with the fabric.  Plus, they come straight to your door for crying out loud!  They have held up very well, clean up great, and look very sweet.

  • Package Content: You will receive 4pcs blue hen aprons, which are designed with frills around the bottom to make the apron look more attractive. These hen apron can be washed, folded and stored to prepare for your next hen.
  • Good Material: The chicken saddle is made of high-quality fabric and beautifully designed to keep hens warm during cold months. The chicken saddle is soft and breathable, and can be used more durably.
  • Easy to Use: Our saddle is very easy to wear. Its straps are flexible and there is plenty of room for stretching. So it won't hurt your poultry when wearing it. With good elasticity, standard chicken saddle is suitable for most average hens.
  • Protect the Back and Wings: This hen apron can protect the back skin of hens and prevent the rooster's claws and provide effective protection for hens during mating.
  • Allow Feather Growth: Our chicken saddle allows the feather growth and could cover the wound area on the back to promote healing and feather regrowth.

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