House Rules
  • Shed, basement, and barns are off limits.
  • No pets.
  • Please be mindful of your children on the balcony.
  • No parties or events.
  • Quiet hours.
  • No smoking.
Reservation Terms

Reserve your booking with a 25% deposit, refundable up to 14 days before your reservation.

Sleeps 6?

King Bed: sleeps 2

Twin Bed: sleeps 1

Twin Bed: sleeps 1

Twin Bed with trundle: sleeps 1 or 2.  When trundle is pulled out there are 2 twin mattresses side by side made up separately but on the same frame.  See photo below.

6 people?  We have room!  No, your youngest doesn’t have to sleep on the floor.  And you don’t have to sneak in an air mattress! 😉 (Been there, done that.)

Walk the Goats

If you’d like to have the goats brought out on a leash to see you we are happy to do that!  (Weather depending, of course.) Just text us and we can set up a time during your stay.  The goats love to be pet or brushed and they like to explore the woods. They don’t walk as well as a dog on a leash but they do love attention and exploring and nibbling on weeds and trees.

See the Animals / Animal Etiquette

There are farm animals on the Chamcook Schoolhouse homestead property in rotation seasonally located at a distance from the home. 

Please feel free to take photos of the animals. 

Do not go into their enclosures or fencing. 

Do not feed the animals, even your scraps — they have specific diets we take care of. 

Be mindful of electric fencing.  All located at a distance from the house.

Our animals are cute but they are animals. Please do not tease them or aggravate them. Be calm and gentle and patient. They can bite — They may look like they’d love to kiss you and nibble your fingers but they could bite you instead so please be mindful.

Car Charger

You can charge your electric car in our Level 2 charger during your stay.  Let us know you need it and we will have it ready for you.  It works really well, we charge ours on it too from time to time.

You won’t need gas jutting around the countryside or to St Andrews and back at all!

How do you reach the Blinds?

Our blinds are pretty high!

Pro tip: use this nifty fishing pole rigged up just for the blinds. You can push them alllll the way up or you can pull them all the way down.

You’ll find it hanging on a nail on the post by the coffee.