Pack your Bags, You’re coming to Chamcook Schoolhouse!
May 23, 2023
Pack your bags you're coming to Chamcook Schoolhouse what you need
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Pack your Bags, You’re coming to Chamcook Schoolhouse!

You found us!  Chamcook Schoolhouse: The family vacation spot that offers natural beauty, the break you need, and that back home to the farm comfort you’ve been missing.

We’ve got everything you need for a comfortable stay on the homestead.  But of course you know that, you’ve seen the pictures, and that’s why you’re coming! 

So what do you need?

Stock up:

Once you’re here if you haven’t already brought your favourite food along with you make sure to take a trip to the nearby Spice Box or Independent grocery store in town.  Stock up on your all of your favourite things and maybe some things you haven’t tried before just for fun and come on back to Chamcook Schoolhouse to whip up delicious meals in the kitchen or on the bbq on the deck.

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal on a homestead with family or friends.

Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick cooking with friends


Pack your swimsuit! You’ll have lots of opportunity to take a refreshing dip. Which do you prefer, salt water or fresh?

Salt water?

Me too!  Walk down our path to Chamcook Harbour, to take a dip in the Bay of Fundy.  Since you’ll get to experience the tides first hand you can take the opportunity to walk along the shores when the tide is out to see what is under the water when the tide is in! When the tide is in you’ll definitely enjoy a dip, it’s refreshing!

Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick Chamcook Harbour dip

Fresh water?

Walk up to Chamcook Lake!  There is a great spot by the dam and old railway where you take a dip and get some sun.  Text us when you’re here and we’ll help you find the spot.

Swim at Chamcook Lake at Chamcook Schoolhouse Homestead.png

How about your Kayak:

If you’re an experienced kayaker or have always wanted to give it a try, be sure to bring your kayak along.  Chamcook Harbour presents a fantastic opportunity for kayaking enthusiasts to paddle along the scenic coastline. Experienced kayakers will have no trouble paddling across to Minister’s Island.

Chamcook Harbour Bay of Fundy Kayaking Saint Andrews New Brunswick

Hiking Shoes for sure:

You’ll want to bring what you need for walking the paths on the homestead at Chamcook Schoolhouse and they will also do for our favourite hike up Chamcook Mountain.  Chamcook Mountain is a nearby trail in which you can see views of Chamcook Harbour, Minister’s Island, and Deer Island on one side and once at the top a beautiful view of the St. Croix River, Maine, and Saint Andrews.

Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick climb Chamcook Mountain lookout

On Chamcook Mountain.  Looking out over Chamcook Harbour, Minister’s Island and Deer Island.

There are a lot of places to hike and walk while you’re here.  Right now if you sign up for our newsletter we share more of our favourite places to go while you’re here.


Have you stayed here before? 

Let us know if there was anything in particular that you brought along that you think others should too and we’ll make sure to spread the word!

We’re looking forward to meeting you and ensuring that you thoroughly enjoy your time here!

Pack your bags you're coming to Chamcook Schoolhouse New Brunswick what you need

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