Your Ideal Bay of Fundy Vacation

Right here on a Small Farm

Welcome to Chamcook Schoolhouse, a family-friendly farm getaway by the sea!  We’re on Chamcook Harbour, a small section of Passamaquoddy Bay.  The perfect spot for your Bay of Fundy vacation.

A homesteading vacation, chores not required.

Unforgettable experiences, guaranteed.

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Everything’s coming up roses in Chamcook, New Brunswick

There are all sorts of native plants and trees growing on the Chamcook Schoolhouse property.  Our favourites include the wild roses and the wild blueberries!  You’ll also be sure to see plenty of Lupins in the fields and along the roads in June along with lilacs and heirloom apple trees too.  A great Bay of Fundy Vacation.  In fact, the best farm getaway by the sea if we don’t say so ourselves.  Pet the Nigerian Dwarf Goats, see the pigs and our chickens too.  Unforgettable experiences, guaranteed.


A Glimpse into History: Chamcook Schoolhouse, Est. 1842

Built in 1842 (or it could be 1845 – stories may vary) the Chamcook Schoolhouse will not disappoint!  First serving the families of Chamcook for many years it then became a place for fishermen to repair their nets.  In 1977, the Schoolhouse was picked up and moved onto a new foundation back from the road and made into a summer home by the Magnusson family.

We have had the pleasure of meeting some students that went to this school once upon a time!  They came to our yard sale!  We heard some good stories and even met a man who got the strap 5 times!  ha!  One lady used to get to pump the water from the well across the road at the farmhouse and carry it over to the school.  Baseball was played in the yard now home to the Nigerian Dwarf goat paddocks — new kids are playing there now 😉

Our Property

For Vacation by the Bay of Fundy

The schoolhouse property extends down to the Glebe Road on the shore of Chamcook Harbour in the Bay of Fundy.  With paths all along the property, you are more than welcome to walk through the woods and meadows down to the bay to put your toes in the salty water and see the tide.  There is also a great picnic and campfire spot for you to enjoy a sunny New Brunswick afternoon or a dark and starry night.

Along the paths, you will also find Berkshire pigs, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Light Sussex chickens (seasonally), and occasionally a few white-tailed and piebald deer, who will love to say hello during your walks.

What We Do

Our Homestead Journey and What We Offer

We are really enjoying turning this property into a beautiful place and bountiful homestead.  We’ve been able to begin to see the fruits of our work here as our animals have multiplied!  We list our animals and produce for sale here in our shop.

We are raising Light Sussex chickens, Nigerian Dwarf goats, and Berkshire Pigs.  We have learned a lot!  Growing up on a farm isn’t exactly the same as managing one and although we know how to work hard we’ve since learned a lot about managing, feed, and animal husbandry.

Come and see what makes Chamcook so wonderful, enjoy the schoolhouse, the farm animals, the ocean, and experience a little bit of history!  What a complete and wholesome Bay of Fundy Vacation.

Who doesn’t want to sleep in an old schoolhouse? Incredible location. Well-furnished and finished

The schoolhouse is charming and bright and has been remodeled into a lovely place to stay! Incredibly peaceful yet a quick drive to St Andrews!

And the piece de resistance, the pigs were a short walk away, as was the ocean.

Let’s Keep In Touch

Fanny Light Sussex Chicken Chamcook Schoolhouse See the Animals

New Arrivals

Things are changing and growing and appearing and disappearing in our shop.  Have a look and see what’s up.

Chamcook Schoolhouse St Andrews New Brunswick cooking with friends

Book a Stay

Day rates, stays, and tours available!  Email us for reservations, requests and deals to be had.  To always be informed sign up for our newsletter below.